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BHRS (formerly Wraparound), is a means of providing mental health services to children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders such as Mood Disorders and Impulse Control and Developmental Delays such as Autism. The services wrap around the child, to encompass every part of his or her life including Home, School, Daycare and Preschool and other community settings.

Nisarís BHRS Program

Nisarís BHRS program begins with a referral for services; an intake interview followed by Best Practice evaluation by one of our contracted licensed psychologists to determine medical necessity for the service. These evaluations can be provided in a home setting. Once that has been completed, the next step is to hold an Interagency Service Planning Team Meeting (ISPT).

Inherent in Nisarís philosophy is the conviction that the family is an essential part of the treatment team. The family is strongly encouraged to articulate its needs and concerns during the planning process. Developing the plan at the ISPT with the family ensures that all the services that are needed for the child are put in place

The treatment plan that is developed emphasizes positive approaches, strength-based, client-centered, culturally competent, multi-system and least restrictive/intrusive interventions.

Behavioral and therapeutic services will be provided where services are medically necessary; such as the home with parent and guardian involvement, as well in a school or other community settings. For more information about this service or to begin the process of receiving services for your child, contact us or fill out the online Referral Form.