Internships at Nisar Health and Human Services

For several years Nisar has offered itself to graduate programs in social work, counseling, and psychology as a location for graduate students to complete their internships.

At Nisar, our interns typically do the work of a BHT. They provide one-to-one interventions that have been provided for them by a master’s-level staff member. In this way, inters develop meaningful skills in the community and hone these therapeutic skills in a one-on-one session with a child and their family.

At Nisar, we pay our interns a competitive wage for the hours that they spend in the field. In addition to that, we offer our interns opportunities to shadow more senior clinicians, attending MCO and State Meetings, and participate in group supervision for our BC/MT staff.

The goal of our internship program at Nisar is to show graduate students a path they can follow from their graduate-level education to master-level wok all the way to their own outpatient practice.

Nisar has established internship relationships with The University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, Carlow College, Catham University, Edinboro University, the University of Denver, and several other schools.

If you are interested in completing your graduate field work with Nisar, please contact us through our employment opportunities tab.


In positive psychology, we use a specific acronym to asses a persons’ overall state of wellbeing; it’s called P.E.R.M.A. and each letter stands for something different.

The “P” is for pleasure. Are you taking time in life to stop and smell the roses? When was the last time you did something fun just for yourself? Do you often reward yourself or take notice when you are engaged in a purely pleasurable activity? This is pleasure, and without it, life loses much of its sweetness.

The “E” is for experience. When was the last time you were so engrossed in an activity that you completely forgot about the world around you for a moment? Some people experience this when they play an instrument, or when they are doing something athletic, or maybe even when they’re playing a video game. This is a state of flow or what is sometimes called peak experience.

The “R” is for relationships. Be honest: what is the state of your relationships? Your family? Your Friends? Are you happy with the current condition of your relationships? Our relationships are what sustain us in the bad times and what make the good times worth celebrating. It is very hard to be happy without good relationships.

The “M” is for meaning. Do you feel as if your efforts in life are directed towards something greater than yourself? So often in life we feel like we are just treading water at work or at home. The feeling of meaning is the feeling that your life’s work has a higher purpose.

Finally, the “A” is for accomplishment or achievement. All of us want to be recognized and rewarded for our hard work. Without the feeling of having accomplished a large goal or having achieved a notable outcome, life can feel quite drab and without purpose. Everyone needs to be a winner sometimes, and the feeling of accomplishment is what comes along with winning.

In Nisar Health and Human Services’ outpatient practice, we work with our clients on achieving an improved overall state of wellbeing. P.E.R.M.A. is one interesting way of approaching the issues, but it is only one of many. We hope that if you are experiencing challenges in achieving your optimal state of wellbeing, you’ll consider giving us a call to set up your first appointment.


IBHS is designed to help children and families living with behavioral health challenges in the places where they live and work. Modern families are busy and often have to meet the needs of several children at once. For that reason, Nisar offers therapists to work with your child at your home at a time that is convenient for you and your family. We also provide services in school and daycare settings, meaning our agency will follow your child wherever they need help the most.

Our services are funded by Medicaid, so they come at no cost to our clients. At Nisar, our only goal is to help you and your family meet and overcome the behavioral health challenges in your life.

If you or someone is your family is experiencing difficulties functioning at home, school, or in the community, please contact us for a session to evaluate your child to see if IBHS services are right for you.